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Appxys Business OS

The comprehensive and fully customisable system that gives you the ability to automate and track everything you do – centralised, online, and accessible anywhere with any device.

Take advantage of endless opportunities.

Empower your team to sell across channels with a system that has the complete set of tools and features. Appxys' CRM helps you keep track of your leads, get organised, and get prospects moved quickly through the pipeline.


Get in charge of your team, stress-free.

Productively organise your tasks and distribute them efficiently through the application that allows you to carry out orders faster, oversee internal and field-based projects, and expand your business model. Customisable application is ready that will fit your processes smoothly.


Keep your clients fully satisfied.

Be reachable for your clients at all times. Managing inquiries and needs of your clients can be effortless by adequately defining and handling of cases effectively that ensures timely resolutions that would make your clients happy and satisfied.


Automate your invoicing & bills.

Generation and computation of invoices and bills can be simple and easy. Available features are ready to keep your finances planned, manage expenses, and even track payables. Effortless integration with several payment gateways and accounting systems is available.


Build your dream team.

Finding, leading, and evaluating new talents comes easy with Appxys. We help you ensure the quality work through performance evaluation as well as to keep track of the employees training and areas for growth.


Increase your team's productivity & efficiency.

Simplify collaboration and communication within your business with Appxys. With Appxys, achieve improvement in the quality of work and efficiency in your streamlined business.


Interact with your customers & suppliers anytime.

Empower your customers and suppliers with secured interactions, up-to-date, and personalised information on demand with Appxys Web Portals. Helping you have greater control over your day-to-day transactions and improve communication is our primary goal.



Appxys Low-code Platform

High-productivity model platform designed to speed up the process of building powerful, data-driven web and mobile applications to meet your ever changing business needs.


Drag-and-drop, data-driven development model

Create table and fields instantly using point and click wizards within the platform without affecting the backend. This system allows you to easily define and modify the application pages and forms with our innovative and visual drag and drop page editor.


Configurable workflow and logic model

Appxys uses a powerful business logic framework to define a series of Statuses and Actions that give users the ability to move records through a predefined workflow process from within the platform user interface.


Point-and-click reports and charts development model

Appxys easily allows you to create powerful and interactive reports and dashboards. Define data, columns and layers through a wizard-type configuration environment all by yourself.


Flexible LDF permission model

Appxys lets you configure fine-grained permissions specific to each role and user in your organisation including location, department, and function (LDF) as well as specific access to the application pages, tabs, views and workflows.


Advanced security and authentication model

Appxys provides flexible authentication, advanced encryptions and a multi-level security model such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS), encoded Base64, single sign-in and robust password expiration policies to keep your data protected.


Painless data import, export and backup model

Import spreadsheet or CSV file records using the Import wizard. Export data from Views or Reports. Download full account backups on-demand or automatically upload them to a secure FTP location recurringly.


Integration model

Appxys offers different ways to integrate and extend the platform with external systems. Its open APIs, as well as a growing set of webhooks designed for out-of-the-box integration, gives you a seamless experience between platforms.


Flexible deployment model

Appxys lets you build, launch, and run custom business applications with a minimal amount of code anywhere! AWS, Azure, CloudSigma, Rackspace, your servers, our servers, your choice.


Appxys Services & Support

Our technical support team will be there every step of the way to provide support and professional advice in helping you revolutionise your business. Efficiently keep your systems working is crucial to your operations. That is why we offer 24/7 direct access to our support team that gives you peace of mind knowing that there will always be someone to assist you with any concerns.

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