To Streamline or Strip?

Recently there was a huge outcry from Hollywood over Kanye West’s comments supporting President Trump. This was all over Twitter. However, what was found to be most bizarre was one of his responses where he posted a photo of the inside of his house. Everything was bare and white, where minimalism was taken to the extreme. This attracted almost more attention than his initial comments, which people were saying how bare and barren it was.

Why did people found this to be such a problem, where there had to be signs of personal touch or decoration? Well, a lot of people are hoarders. They want to hold on to everything and stack it all up and pile everything on top of each other.

Sometimes in business, those things happen. Instead of keeping things simple and sticking to what is needed, there will be a stack of different things on top of each other, because nobody wants to lose what was there. The same way people store things in their homes for a “rainy day”, this is also done in businesses where there is a product or bonus that created for a “rainy day” just in case. When people rarely do.

Honestly, 3 or 4 things that are done in businesses are what bring the most revenue. All the other stuff is unnecessary and inefficient, yet they are still being held on.

The vital things should stay and they should be streamlined so that everything is seamless and smooth, but everything else needs to be stripped away to make room for growth in your core areas.

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